Well Fed Foundation

About us

'Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.'

We are striving to eliminate food waste, but do it from the largest source of waste that’s largely overlooked, whilst working hard to feed and help those in desperate need.

Around one third of the food produced for human consumption every year is lost or wasted. That’s 1.3 billion tons of food. That’s more than half of the whole world’s annual cereal crop.

The carbon footprint of food wastage is estimated to be 3.3 Gtonnes of CO2 every year. That would mean it has bigger annual carbon footprint than any country, excluding USA and China.

We understand there are plenty of great charities working towards a similar goal, however the majority are liaising with restaurants to pick up their waste. Whilst important work, the majority of food waste does not occur from production or distribution, but from consumption.

Globally around 350 million tonnes of food get wasted at the consumption level – i.e. at our level, the level where you and I get to eat the food. That’s more than double what’s wasted at production level, and that ratio gets even wider when countries get more affluent.

So What do we want to do that’s different?

We are all familiar with the doggy bag/boxing our leftovers up to go. To really curb waste, we are working with restaurant owners to give you the option at the end of any meal to ‘box it up for charity’. Restaurants can of course add their own leftovers too!

This simple process means food destined for the trash gets stored, and logged into the free & easy to use WellFed Foundation Portal, and shows up on a map accessible by any charity in the area, where they can reserve it and arrange to pick it up, or request delivery.

As we grow, we hope to integrate with more delivery services, charities and restaurants, who can all use our portal to contribute to a better, less wasteful community.

We believe in a truly sustainable way to distribute food that requires minimal funding and minimal work from those involved, while providing the safety of NO LEGAL LIABILITY for anyone involved. Our well crafted legal waivers upon signing up removes one of the hurdles of being part of food donation.

But, that's not all...

We don’t believe that’s the end of the story. Whilst feeding people with leftover food is our priority, sometimes even then food isn’t completely used or becomes unsafe for consumption.

To deal with this, we are working to provide sustainable, efficient, yet affordable Biogas generators to charities and individuals for whom energy and electricity are still a luxury.

What next?

We hope to expand our network far and wide, helping more and more people make good use of their leftovers and helping more people in need get well fed.

We are happy to work with food sources outside of restaurants too, from schools, weddings, events, and more!