Well Fed Foundation

Happiness is only real
when shared

Join us today and be part of the growing network of restaurants and charities eliminating food waste.

Sustainable network with
zero liability and minimal effort

Well crafted legal waivers protect all parties, and the portal allows for food redistribution at no cost to you.

Eliminate waste and
protect the environment

Any unusable food will go towards creating clean, sustainable energy

How it Works

Diners ask their leftover food to be boxed up for charity

Restaurants can quickly log this food onto our Portal

Charities can reserve leftover food in their area, and even request delivery

Food is given to those in need, and free Biogas generators will cover waste food into renewable energy

How we are different

We understand there are plenty of great charities working towards a similar goal, however we are approaching the problem with a fresh perspective, tackling the highest source of wast in a sustainable way


Tonnes of food wasted every year

Consumption waste

The majority of food waste does not occur from production or distribution, but from consumption, a source most charities struggle to tap into. Well Fed Foundation can not only access regular restaurant waste, but actual leftovers from diners

No Legal Liability

Carefully crafted agreements would protect all parties to ensure the true spirit of this foundation remains intact, ensuring your business or charity is not at risk of lawsuits.

No Cost to Restaurant or Charity

Well Fed foundation is completely free to use, and limits restaurants' work to as little as putting food into takeaway boxes provided by us

Sustainable & Waste-free

Uniquely, we find a way to make use of any food not suitable to feed others, and turn that into sustainable energy using biogas generators provided by us

Where are we working?

More locations coming soon

Contact us if you want to donate in your location.